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A man with many deep scars on his face and dragon that looked as equally scarred looked around in shared wonder and shock.

"What is this place, Canth?"

I do not know. We are together. I still hear Brekke and the little ones. The quite large brown dragon pressed his muzzle close to his rider's arm, until the man with brown hair and eyes began to scratch at the ridge above the multi-faceted eye.

"As long as Brekke is not alone," the man said, looking around more. "This is far from even the wildest harper's tale I've heard. But...Manora always insisted on politeness. I am F'nor, rider of brown Canth here, Wingsecond at Benden Weyr."

I think they hear me as well as Brekke does. The dragon looked startled at that.


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I wasn't at Telgar, not that second fateful time. I was still in Southern...

You were hurt.

Yes, Canth, I was hurt. But I should have guessed she was up to something and would not fail to use that event to stir the pot.

She was wrong. Deeply.

Rider and dragon lean into each other, the man against the neck and head of his lifepartner.

Kylara would never miss a chance to repay every imagined slight F'lar ever gave her, by trying to upstage him with those firelizards. Still, F'lar proved to be a step ahead of the woman that night. If only I had taken it for the warning sign it should have been...

Don't. Don't remember.

The man holds on tighter, and they take solace from one another.
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I never could have understood that word, monsters, were it not for Fax. On Pern, there is only Thread to fear. Yes, there is crime and murder is not unknown, but by and large? It is small and petty with passion at the core of the crime.

Fax taught me monstrosity. From the rumors of what he did to the seven holds he subjugated, to what we saw with our own eyes, on Search, of his women and the people in the cots and halls.

But, while that was a truly hideous manner to live in, he taught two boys the concept of monster much earlier. Though we were counted men, on one hand, since we rode, we had both Impressed so young that we were left bereaved and carefully cut away from Weyr politics by a bold attack meant only to prove that dragonmen were not invulnerable.

I will never forget F'lar's face that day, nor the wine with its fellis that C'gan gave to him, to my mother to help them. I refused to drink it, and went to Canth, whispers of rising above the pain in my head even then.

I think we did. Even if we've had more monsters since then, I'd like to think F'lon's mission has been fulfilled truly through us.
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We need to go, now.

F'nor didn't even think as he threw on his outer leathers; Canth's urgency was enough to prod him through the instinctive actions.

The scene at the Weyr said it all, riders ringing one woman, no dragons on the ground of bronze color. He shoved his way through them all, taking his place at Brekke's side, protecting her from them, all of them, who would be no better than he had been. He'd learned though. He would make it right.

She hissed, and Canth bugled in his mind; a second queen! Such a situation hadn't been possible for so long, yet the Records told what could happen.

Canth was thinking beyond his need to mate, though. He strove forward, his mighty wings stronger than many of those bronzes that struggled to catch one queen or the other, confused at their hostility. Canth had the wisdom and maturity, and Benden, not Southern, not High Reaches, was burned in his mind as home. All he had to do was catch her, and he could make the jump with her, without losing them both...


F'nor gasped awake, tears streaming down his face even as Canth butted his head into the room with him, where Brekke slept in a fellis-induced sleep. Rider and dragon looked pitifully at one another. If only their shared dream had been real. Then they would not be in this place, this impossibility of keeping a woman alive who could not actively choose to follow her dragon in death.
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Week87: Moving Forward )

F'nor and Canth
All characters and settings within are the property of Anne McCaffrey. No profit has been made nor intended, and no rights are inferred.
317 words
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The large brown dragon takes a long look at himself, wings spreading widing, stretching his tail out, then looking at his rider with whirling eyes of yellows and oranges coming to dominate the usual blues and greens

I thought I had grown up.

F'nor could not hold back his laughter then. "Oh Canth!" He rubbed at one eye ridge until the colors settled back into the calmer shades. "Life's about changing as much as it is about actually growing up. We're different than we were, that day after Hath flew Nemorth," he pointed out.

We were still young then.

F'nor nodded. "Not so young now. Fighting thread for fifteen turns, closer to forty than thirty Turns, now?"

He sighed softly, then pressed a hand against his dragon's muzzle in loving care. "I am what I wanted to be. We both are."

Wingsecond of all of Benden, F'lar and Mnementh's wingmates.


Muse Disclaimer: F'nor and Canth belong to the McCaffreys, Pern is their world, no intent to claim otherwise is present.
Word Count: ~160
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Imagine life as a woman?

Me? A Green?

You would have been a queen, Canth. You're no green.

Not me.

I know the feeling. Look at Manora, at Lessa, at Menolly...even Sharra? How could I ever be that strong? How could I ever be as strong as Brekke?

We are brown. Nothing else fits. imagine is a good thing, the Harper would say.

So imagine a world where F'lar has a sister )

F'nor and Canth, Anne McCaffrey's Pern series (No profit intended, merely exploring the character), ~400 words
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You're really curious about something so natural?

It is odd, but look at Holders.

True, Canth. I'll try to explain, then.

Explanations )

F'nor and Canth
~350 words


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